Basic spectrometers for absorption and transmission experiments


Precise and analytical measurements in labs or industry

Raman Systems

Easy sampling and fast measurement with Raman instruments


Microscopic Raman analysis of your sample at the micrometer scale

Optics and Parts

All that you need to build optical devices and experimental setups

Optical Fibers

Light guides to transport lights from one point to another


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Il est très agréable d’avoir affaire à des personnes passionnées et compétentes, et qui ne sont pas que de simples vendeurs de matériel. Il faut souligner la bonne qualité du matériel, qui s’avère professionnelle dans les produits plus haut de gamme, et tout à fait satisfaisante pour les produits les moins chers.
Yves La Font
Amateur Physicist, France
Having a research-grade Raman system like the Gurzil, which works equally well in a campus laboratory and in a field house for an archaeological dig is highly advantageous for us. I expect that our Gurzil system will see a lot of use both on campus and in various places around the world.
Ellery Frahm
Director of Yale Initiative for the Study of Ancient Pyrotechnology, Yale University.