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  • EUR: €414

The calibrated M-Spectrometer is an advanced SMA series model that offers superior sensitivity to light with a monochrome detector of the 350-890nm wavelength range.

Users can expect to accurately measure the spectral lines of light emitted or absorbed by a molecule with minimal interference from other light sources.

The advanced functions of the M-Spectrometer allow users to isolate and study the spectrum of a single wavelength of light, which can be incredibly useful in different applications. The improved bench performances due to extended depth of focus and accuracy open the door for new research opportunities, enabling users to investigate new phenomena.

Learn more from our brochure: M-Spectrometer_Thunder-Optics-Brochure.pdf


  • Monochrome CMOS detector of 1200 pixels.
  • Wavelength range over 480nm with a resolution of less than 1.5nm at 550nm.
  • USB 2.0
  • Handy use to use.
  • 100 micrometers slit and 1000 l/m gratings.
  • M-Spectrometer is sold calibrated (+/- 0.5nm).
  • Replaceable slit 100µm (standard), 50 or 200µm
  • SMA905 connector aligns the spectrometer with the light source and an optical fiber

Below are the top improvements made to the M-Spectrometer model to maximize its efficiency:

  • The use of a monochrome detector to eliminate the decay of the signal around 550nm (Bayer filter effect)
  • Three times greater sensitivity than the SMA-E models
  • Enhanced UV detection (at least five times more sensitive)
  • A wider acquisition time range for weak signal detection


Weight 650 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 8 × 4.5 cm
Net weight (gr)


Wavelength range (nm)


Chip Type

CMOS, Monochrome

Chip Dim (pixels)


Chip Dim ('')


Slit Width (µm)

100, 200, 50

Diffraction Grating (lines/mm)


Optical Connector

SMA 905

Resolution @550 nm


Acquisition time(ms)


Power Supply

USB 2.0


For commercial use, there is an upgrade fee of the Spectragryph license from noncommercial to commercial use. Please, contact for commercial use license., Spectragryph – optical spectroscopy software.




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