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Raman Systems & Raman Microscopes


The Raman Systems provide high-accuracy performance at an affordable price. These analytical instruments are excellent for speedy characterization of samples and leading performance from the most affordable Raman systems. They are available for rapid material identification and comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Thunder Optics Raman instruments come with adjustable wavelengths (wavelength 532 nm and 785 nm laser). Each laser delivers the best results for specific types of materials (samples). Standard Raman Systems offer variable slit width, TEC cooled detectors, and can be coupled to Gurzil Raman Microscope. The instruments can perfectly analyze everything from liquids, solids to powdered samples.

Gurzil Raman Microscope
Microscopic Raman analysis of your sample at the micrometer scale
Raman Systems
Modular & scalable spectroscopy solutions

Simple and fully-integrated Raman microscopes for research and analytical experiments. The compact design and unique market values make it an ideal device for specialist clients. Its laser-based system provides high-sensitivity, precise spectral, and spatial resolution.

Thunder Optics Raman microscope will benefit any bundled Raman Systems with their high performance and speedy characterization of samples. Two wavelengths, 532 nm, and 785 nm lasers are offered separated or together for this microscope.