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All-In-One Spectroscopy Kit

Guru Spectroscopy Kit

With online classes rising in popularity, teachers are struggling to deliver instruction to students outside a lab environment, which is defiantly valuable to say the least. This is where the portable Guru Spectroscopy Kit proves invaluable.

Designed specifically for teaching convenience, the Guru Spectroscopy Kit allows both teachers and students to acquire spectra and measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance as well as fluorescence. Students can take this amazing experimental set with them and conduct their own experiments as they follow your educational program from the safety of their homes.

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Our academic background allows us to understand the needs of teachers and the lack of affordable spectroscopy equipment for education. We understand exactly what is needed for quality education.

Explore our history and ensure that Thunder Optics is capable to create tools according to the modern educational standards of physics classes.

Why Guru Is The Perfect Choice?


Readymade Worksheets

are designed for efficient student progress. Teachers have their work cut out for them already.


All-in-one Kit

comes with everything a student needs to conduct experiments at home or in a class: a set of cuvettes, a cuvette holder, two optical fibers, а light source, and a spectrometer.


Spectrometry software

allows students to control the spectrometer for data acquisition. This includes their ability to acquire emission spectra and determine optimal wavelengths for kinetic experiments.

Made in France hight quality instruments for top of applications

Light emission.
Absorbance and Transmittance.
Fluorescence experiments.
Measuring Densities.