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Thunder Optics’ analytical testing services are influential for a variety of scientific R&D solutions.

The company provides testing and analysis services for laboratory testing, advanced research, etc. These efforts promote accuracy, improve performance, and maximize safety during different evaluations.

The testing and analysis services can help researchers identify defects, compare particle composition, and detect contaminants present in the sample. These detailed reports and accurate analysis enable clients to resolve issues and optimize production time.

Key advantages of collaboration include:

  • Fast Turnaround Time

All time-sensitive lab testing and analysis are performed within the designated timeframe.

  • Data Accuracy and Precision

The team includes qualified researchers and lab technicians. Their meticulous performance and advanced skills maximize accuracy and minimize discrepancies.

  • Customer-Focused Approach

Thunder Optics aligns all laboratory testing and Raman Spectroscopy Analysis services with individual needs and project requirements.

With decades of experience in research and development projects, the laboratory team adeptly overcomes emerging challenges. They also know how to integrate advanced laboratory technologies to secure accurate results. These qualities allow clients to receive quality R&D solutions and industry-led expertise.

Raman Spectra of Sample

1 sample
$ 100
  • Thunder Optics spectroscopy solutions capable of adjusting visualization and obtain measurements down to the micron scale. The lab reports high-definition images and spectra of analyzed samples.
  • Acquiring a spectrum of a sample with a Raman System.
  • If the sample is fluorescent there will be no charge.
  • The samples are not sent back, only if requested and the shipping cost is paid.

Identification of Element

1 sample
$ 150
  • Accurate and precise report include spectra (in different spectroscopy and image formats), identification, and spectra of references from a large database.  
  • The lab’s extensive database allows it to identify elements within the sample if it is an exact match to the reference spectra.
  • Acquiring a spectrum of a sample with a Raman System.
  • The samples are not sent back, only if requested and the shipping cost is paid.



Thunder Optics provides Raman spectroscopy analysis services for industry, research, and academic solutions.

Raman Spectroscopy Analysis serves as an alternative method for Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Analysis.  This approach is suitable for qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Like the FTIR approach, it identifies and differentiates microscopic samples. It can even detect and measure minute changes in the provided samples.

Advanced technology provides critical information quickly and efficiently.

Thunder Optics Raman Spectroscopy Analysis offers a diverse range of analytical solutions.  Testing applications can include analyzing small contamination areas, identifying macro and microscopic materials, and other lab-based services.

The lab accepts a wide variety of sample types. Including, gems, inorganic materials, minerals, polymers, pigments, solids, liquids, chemical solutions with utmost confidence.

The Raman Spectroscopy technique utilizes the quantum interaction of light sources with the matter. The lab uses laser light as the main source to interact with different samples. The laser can induce vibrations within the molecules (or crystals).  The lab technicians use the fingerprint (i.e. pathway of the scattered Raman light) to deduce specific details.

Most analyses include critical information about the physical state and chemical composition of provided samples.

Raman Spectroscopy Techniques:

  • Wide range of dispersive Raman Spectrometers with 532 nm and 785 nm laser excitation.
  • Portable and lab-based services.
  • Macro or microscopic analysis.
  • Analysis of microscopic samples or regions of a sample down to 30um scale.

The company also owns two high-tech laboratories that provide cutting-edge solutions for different types of research and development ventures. 

 Optical laboratory

The lab is used for prototyping optical instruments and devices (dark room, sensitive detectors, optical parts – lenses, mirrors, tubes, various size slits, precise optomechanical parts.  In addition, there is a 3D printer for prototyping and an electronic lab.

Physical-Chemistry Characterization Analysis Laboratory

The second lab is equipped with instruments for material analysis. These include Raman Systems, various spectrometers UV, visible and infrared for absorption, transmission, and reflection measurements. Biological and metallurgical microscopes are also available for sample visualization.

As a result, researchers get real-time updates related to on-going experiments and sample analysis. Lab staff sends quick updates regarding the request until clients are 100% satisfied. Accurate and precise reports include spectra (in different spectroscopy and image formats), identification, and spectra of references from a large database.  

Thunder Optics laboratory testing and Raman Spectroscopy Analysis services are ideal for many research and development projects.

Please, contact the laboratory for further details.