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Mono Spectroscopy Kit


  • EUR: €1,058

The Mono Spectroscopy Kit is a powerful and versatile toolset, enabling astrophysics researchers to delve into the fascinating world of spectroscopy with precision, ease, and reliability. Offer includes everything needed for advanced spectroscopy experiments: the M-Spectrometer, Halogen light source, a cuvette holder, sets of cuvettes, two optical fibers, and a zip case.

Mono Spectroscopy Kit includes:


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All items are packed in a convenient modern zip case that can be stored and carried around safely.

Spectragryph software – The software allows users to control the spectrometer for data acquisition. This includes their ability to acquire emission spectra and determine optimal wavelengths for kinetic experiments.

Top Features

  • Monochrome CMOS detector of 1200 pixels.
  • Wavelength ranges over 480nm and a resolution of less than 1.5nm at 550nm.
  • M-Spectrometer is sold calibrated (+/- 0.5nm) and has USB 2.0.
  • Replaceable slit 100µm (standard), 50 or 200µm.
  • The Halogen light source is cooled with an internal fan and can be equipped US or EU plug.
  • It provides a broad continuous spectrum between 350nm and 2000nm.
  • The Input Power of 10W.
  • The current is 800mA.
  • The Input Voltage of the product is 12V DC.

Top Applications

  • Raman
  • Analyze emitted light from any light source (Vis-NIR).
  • Absorbance and Transmittance.
  • Fluorescence.
  • Measure Absorbance and Densities.

The Mono Spectroscopy Kit finds utility in chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, and material science.

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 32 × 21 × 6.5 cm
Power Adapter Type




Slit Width (µm)

100, 200, 50


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