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Laser TO-532-RamL-200

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The stable laser module includes a SMA905 optical fiber adaptor and TEC cooling system.

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Thunder Optics offers a variety of lasers for Raman spectroscopy applications at 532 and 785nm and other custom wavelengths at request.

Our lasers are stabilized by thermoelectrically cooling (TEC) for applications needing stabilized performances. They have narrow spectral line emissions for Raman applications. They all come with adjustable output power to adapt the power of the laser to the nature of the sample to be analyzed.

Notes :

  • The laser head and driver should be arranged on the installations or boards that can dismiss (dissipate) heat well.
  • Connect the plug of the driver before turning on the switch.
  • Modulation: Red line connects to Mod+ (Signal) and the Black line connects to Mod- (Ground).

Outline Dimensions:


Avoid all eye exposure to a beam. This Class 3B visible-light laser is hazardous for eye exposure. Besides, reflections off mirrors, glass, and shiny surfaces can be just as hazardous as the direct beam. Avoid reflected Class 3B beams the same way you would avoid the direct beam.

Laser glasses or goggles must be worn to protect against the laser’s power and wavelength. Do NOT open the unit under any circumstance. It does NOT contain any user-serviceable parts inside, and there are dangerous voltages present.

Weight 600 g
Output Power at the exit of the laser module @ 25 ℃ *

~ 200mW

Output Power at the end of fiber @ 25 ℃ *


Wavelength range (nm)


Spectral Bandwidth

< 0.1nm

Transverse Mode


Operation Mode


Power Stability over 2 hours after Warm-up

< 3%

Noise of Amplitude (RMS, 1~20MHz)


Fiber Type


Fiber Core


Fiber Connector


Fiber Length

1m standard



Warm-up Time

< 15 minutes

Temperature range (°C)


Dimension (mm)

102 x 39 x 39

Power Supply

Variable Power Supply TO-PS-5

Input Voltage (V)

DC or 90-265VAC 50/60Hz


TTL Modulation >5KHz
(0VDC = Laser Off & 5VDC = Laser On)

Expect Life Time

10000 hours


1 year


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