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Gem Raman System TO-GRS-532/TO-GRS-532-E


  • EUR: €3,694 - €4,987

As an entry-level instrument, the Gem Raman System is ideal for anyone who is new to Spectroscopy. The tool is designed for applications that do not require high resolution and sensitivity. However, it is recommended for potent Raman emitters and for basic gemology. Please add more about gemology with examples in education.

The offer includes a research-grade license (for non-commercial use) of Spectragryph – optical spectroscopy software.

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Some of the best features of the Gem Raman System include the following:

  • A sensitive R- Spectrometer that is constructed on a refurbished ILX511 Sonny liner detector CCD along with a 100 µm slit width., which comes with a one-year warranty.
  • A 532nm laser excitation with a narrow line (0.3nm) which is TEC cooled.
  • A high-quality Raman Probe complete with a 275 cm-1 lowest Raman shift and a research-grade quality microscope objective (20X and 0.4NA).


The low-cost Thunder Optics R-Spectrometer is a premium-quality device. It offers a wide range of functions and is far more cost-effective than its high-end counterparts. It is a worthwhile investment for basic experiments and small-scale processes.

The 1800l/mm diffraction grating is inside and powered with 5V DC.  The wavelength interval of 250nm range is between 400nm and 650nm (+/- 30nm).


The system comes in two configurations. First is 532nm laser excitation with 0.1nm laser widths and adjustable power until 200mW.

Important note! The coupling efficiency is reduced to 70% before fiber entrance. So, the power of at least 100mW will be shined on the sample.

Raman Probe

Going as low as 275 cm-1 for the Raman shift, the Thunder Optics probes of this Raman system have a long working distance of 8mm. This includes a standard setting that has a ‌20 x 0.40N‌ ‌microscope objective. However, other objectives are also available for convenience.


  • Raman shift range from 130 cm-1to 4000 cm-1 with 8 cm-1 as a maximum resolution.
  • RS232-USB cable.
  • Handy and easy to use.
  • Highly portable instrument.
  • Compatible with Spectragryph software.
  • Long working distance microscope objective 20X 0.40NA (8mm).


  • Compact, high-efficiency Raman system.
  • Variable slit provides a wide range of resolutions.
  • Large range of possible applications.


For non-commercial use, we provide research-grade software. This software has wide-ranging functionality which includes measurements of intensity, absorbance transmission, Raman, etc.

For commercial use, there is an upgrade fee of the Spectragryph license from noncommercial to commercial use.
Please, contact for commercial use license.

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  • Gemology.
  • Geology and Mineralogy.
  • Environmental science.
  • Chemical processes.
  • Forensic analysis.

Recommended accessories

  • High stability stands for the Raman probe with XYZ micromotions.
  • Standard Stand with XYZ micromotions.
  • Cuvette Holder for liquid samples.
  • Advanced license for the software (sample identification).

Download the Manual.

Weight 2800 g
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 15 cm



For commercial use, there is an upgrade fee of the Spectragryph license from noncommercial to commercial use. Please, contact for commercial use license., Spectragryph – optical spectroscopy software.

Delivery Pack

, , , ,

Objective lens

10X, 20X, 40X, 50X, 80X

Raman Shift

130cm-1, 275cm-1

Order processing time

4-5 weeks


No, Standart stand with XYZ micromotions


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