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Mercury Light Source TO-HgLS


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A well-made mercury light source is essential for calibration applications in spectroscopy. Thus, this product is best used for procedures that need spectral lines of high-intensity emitted in the range between deep UV and visible light. In addition to that, this light source is ideal for spectrometer calibration due to its broad emission, ranging between 350nm (UV) and 1100nm (NIR).

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Mercury light sources have unique UV emission spectra. As a result, these light sources for spectroscopy are often used for various applications that need enhanced UV output, which include UV curing, UV spectroscopy, various industrial processes, and medical and environmental applications.  

  • It is a miniature mercury lamp type.
  • The emitted glow from this light source has a wide wavelength range between 253nm and 1100nm.
  • The Input Voltage of the product is 12 DC.
  • It has an Input Power of 10V.
  • The current is 200mA.
  • The possible applications of the product are calibration.

Noteworthy Features About the Product:

  • The mercury light source is fiber-coupled.
  • It includes an SMA connector.
  • The product is stable and durable.
  • It offers a wide range of wavelengths between 253nm and 1100nm.


Never look into the Mercury light source directly because the UV radiation from it can cause severe eye injury.

Do NOT open the unit under any circumstance. It does NOT contain any user-serviceable parts inside, and there are dangerous voltages present.

Weight 480 g
Dimensions 6 × 8.1 × 3.4 cm




Wavelength range (nm)


Input Voltage (V)

12 DC

Optical Connector

SMA 905

Power Adapter Type


Delivery Pack

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Net weight (gr)



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