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Board TO-SpectraNano

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Thunder Optics’ new electronic platform for Nano Spectrometers. Its small form factor and impressive technical specifications make it ideal for researchers, offering seamless integration and precise data capture.

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Introducing the Board TO-SpectraNano, the newly developed electronic platform for our line of Nano Spectrometers, “Made by Scientist for Scientists” ™ and offered by Thunder Optics. Equipped with a specially designed high-performance instrumentation input, the Board TO-SpectraNano provides an optimal interface between the linear CCD and 16-bit A/D, a 600 MHz microcontroller, and accessory analog and digital I/O ports.

With its extremely small form factor (40x70mm), this controller board offers seamless integration into a wide range of instruments, making it a versatile choice for researchers across various fields. The controller delivers an impressive set of technical specifications, including a frame rate of up to 100 FPS, a data transfer rate of 0.00008 seconds per frame, and an analog resolution of 16 bits. Its sensitivity of 200 V/(lx*s) and dynamic range of over 108 ensure accurate and precise data capture for scientific applications.

The controller’s digital input and output ports, as well as its analog inputs, allow for flexible and efficient experimentation. It offers multiple operating modes, including continuous, clocked, fast shutter, triggered single frame, triggered clocked frame set, and gated modes, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of scientific experiments. The controller’s compact size and modular design, along with its exceptional technical capabilities, make it an essential tool for scientific research.

Contact us to learn more about how the TO-Nano Controller and sensor system can enhance your product or research. Choose Thunder Optics for a reliable and powerful solution for your spectrometer needs.


Min Type  Max


Frame Rate

100 FPS
Data transfer



Shutter (integration interval)


Analog resolution












Electrical noise



Dynamic range


Digital Input – Trigger, Gate

Input  Voltage(2) 0 5.5 V
Positive going threshold 1.6 V
Negative going threshold 1.1 V
Digital Outputs – Busy, Sync, Spare
Logic HIGH 2.6
Logic LOW 0.55
PWM (Spare or Sync)(3) Fsys/2(bits+2) Hz
Analog Inputs (A0 – A3)
Channels 4
Resolution 12 bits
Sampling time 1 µsec
Input range(4) 0 3.3 V
Operating mode – continuous, clocked
Shutter interval 10000 µsec
Clock interval clock = shutter
Operating mode – fast shutter, clocked
Shutter interval 10 clock – 10 µsec
Clock interval 10000 µsec
Operating mode – triggered, single frame
Shutter interval 10 µsec
Trigger rate 100 Hz
Operating mode – triggered, clocked frame set
Shutter interval 10000 µsec
Trigger rate 100/frames per trigger
Operating mode – gated
Gate pulse duration (=shutter interval) 10 µsec
Frame rate 100c
Dimensions and Weight – Controller
Dimensions 9x40x70 mm
Weight 25 gr
Dimensions and Weight – Detector PCB (detector included)
Dimensions 14x16x45 mm
Weight 15


Weight 100 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 0.9 cm
Net weight (gr)



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