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Mini USB Spectrometer

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A lightweight and compact USB miniature spectrometer. The analytical instrument comes with a wavelength range from 400-720nm.


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Thunder Optics’ Mini USB spectrometer has a basic design and a compact structure. It is highly versatile and capable of performing a variety of simple experiments.  The easy setup and simple integration make it highly user-friendly.  The spectrometer offers a correct spectral response and a wide wavelength range (400-700nm). It delivers a satisfying optical resolution of 2nm with a light detector of approximately 300 pixels.

Its specifications make the USB photo-spectrometer a suitable option for educational and at-home projects.

The Mini USB spectrometer has a simple, no-tool installation process. It does not require any heavy-duty tools or spare parts for setup. The instrument comes with two downloadable software that enables users to plug and play the device without any additional steps.

Learn more from our brochure: Mini-USB-Spectrometer_Thunder-Optics-Brochure-web.pdf


  1. For absorbance/transmission of substances (i.e. oil or colored liquids). A light source, cuvette,  are have to be purchased separately).
  2. Useful for analyzing and comparing light emissions from various sources.
  3. Identify the spectra of Cd, Na, Ne, Ar, Xe, and Hg spectral lamps.
  4. It offers transmission for clean line filter and long-pass filter.
  5. Calculate the densities of solutions.

Settings example:

  • Mini USB Spectrometer.
  • Mini LS.
  • Optical Filter.

Settings example of Mini USB Spectrometer, Mini Ls and Optical Fiber.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4 cm
Wavelength range (nm)


Ship Type


Chip Dim (pixels)


Chip Dim ('')


Diffraction Grating (lines/mm)

1000, 500

Slit Width (µm)

180, 90

Resolution (nm)

< 3


Theremino – Open Source system.



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