Cuvette Holder

Cuvette Holder for Transmission-Absorption-Fluorescence Measurements
Physical-Chemistry and Biochemistry kinetics


We are pleased to sell the Multipurpose Cuvette holder with a unique price! This special offer shows that high quality instruments can still be at affordable prices!

The cuvette holder is craved in anodized aluminum. The two collimators are in stainless steel.

There are two possible positions, one for transmission-absorption measurements, the second is for fluorescence experiments. To pass from one setting to the other, just screw the stainless-steel collimator in the correct position. In both cases a cap blocks light entering from the unused opening.

The apparatus is optical fiber compatible with the two SMA905 connectors. For a high efficiency light collection, a lens can be placed inside the collimator (we sell quartz antireflection coated lenses).

Our new design is agronomic. The cuvette is smaller, and weights less. We also improved the light collimation for more efficiency.

The system contains the cuvette holder body and  two collimators; no lens and no optical fiber are included.

The real price of the product should be 450 USD we are offering it here for 175USD.

Note that most of our instruments are compatible with a free third party professional software that lets you do all these measurements. Contact us for more details.

Thanks to the quality of our instruments and parts, more and more education and research institutions are using our instruments. This is the best recognition of the quality and services we provide to our clients. We listen to our partners, and we build "sur mesure" or "a la carte" the instrument they want.