Diffraction Grating - 500 Lines/mm

Pack of 10  Diffraction Grating : TO-DG-500-XX  

9.5 $

This a high quality optical part and also one of the cheapest grating online !The 500 Lines/mm Diffraction Grating we are selling is a Holographic high quality optical element. It can be used to analyze the light emitted from several sources (lasers, lamps, sun, fire, candles ...)
They can be used in educational or hobbyist projects. The obtained resolution will depend on the used slit.
The item you are purchasing here is built on 2”x2” cupboard. 
You can purchase the 1000Lines/mm (please see our products on eBay).
Also, there are offers for packs of 10 slides.
Before you make payments, please ask first about the possible delays in delivery.
The shipment contains : 10 Diffraction Grating Slides 2"x2" of 1000lines/mm