Laboratory Raman Probe - 532nm Laser Excitation


Raman Probe (532nm laser excitation)

New design, lighter probe and much more efficient !
We are pleased to offer you our newest Raman Prob, with a unique price! This special offer is to show that high quality instruments can be with affordable prices!
The TO-RP-S-532 is our new standard Raman fiber optic probe. This probe is designed for routine laboratory Raman spectroscopy. 
The probe is equipped with microscope objective (20X) with high NA of 0.40; it connects to spectrometer by an SMA905 connecter and to the excitation laser with a second one.
Its range can go from 175cm-1 to more than 4000cm-1. But the standard design starts from 250cm-1. To ensure the best quality of the probe, our new design is based on high quality parts from ThorLabs. TO-RP-S-532 has the best clear Cost/Performance winner among laboratory and pedagogy Raman probes
This probe is designed for a Raman shift range from 250cm-1. Please, if you need to work from 150cm-1 or lower,specify it, and we addapt it to your needs before buying. there are aditional fees to install the required filters.
Also, this Raman probe is sold with no Optical Fiber, if you need one or tow, (to connect the laser and to the spectrometer) please, specify it.
The actual version is a modified one, better quality than the one we have beeing solde in the past (the brown one showen in the last picture), the fiber connectors to laser or to spectrometer and upgraded.
Before ordering, please, contact us, to inform you about the time needed for the delivery.. 
Our new design is ergonomique. Le probe is maller, and weights less.
We improuved the light collumation for more efficiency.

Thanks to the quality of our instruments and parts, More and more educational and research institutions are using our instruments. This is the best recongnition of the quality and services we provide to our clients. We listen to our partners, and we build "sur mesure" or "a la carte" the instrument they want.

We show an exemple of spectrum that can get with the optical system (Raman shift 175cm-1), and the autolatique identification of the yellow chrom pigment pictured also (with and without the microscope magnification)

Remember that the Laser, the stand, the Spectrometer and the optical fibers are not sold with this unique Raman microscope.

We offer the follwong options :

- High quality Long Working Distance objectives (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x or 60s). 

- Apochromatic objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x)

- 105cm-1, 175cm-1, 200m-1 or 250cm-1 lowest Raman shift

- Stand with high stability

- Research grade Software for automatique identification with database

Please, contact us for these options.


Please visit our webpage to see the internationally knowen institutions that are already using our instruments in their research of educational programs in our page "They-trust-us-They-use-our-instruments".