Low Cost - Raman Microscopes

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Raman Microscope


The TO-RM-S-532 is our new Low Cost Raman Microscope. This probe is designed for routine laboratory Raman spectroscopy.

The Microscope is equipped with one microscope objective (20X) with high NA of 0.40 as a standard configuration; it connects to spectrometer by a 200µm core SMA905 fiber optics and to the excitation laser with a second one of 100µm core. The microscope has a 10x wide field eyepiece. The user has two modes, one is the microscope observation, once you have selected the spot to analyze, you flip the mirror to switch to the Raman spectrometer use.

Its Raman shift ranges can go from 105cm-1 to more than 4000cm-1. But the standard design starts from 250cm-1. To ensure the best quality of the probe, our new design is based on high quality parts. We have improved the design and increased the efficiency of the Raman signal collection and the global signal is multiplied by more than 175%. Also, the installed optics need half less laser power for a same result.  TO-RM-S-532 has the best clear Cost/Performance winner among laboratory and pedagogy Raman probes/Microscopes.




 Dimension (mm)




Objective Infinity *

20x  NA 0.40

Raman Shift (cm-1) **

250 - 4500

Coupling System


Long Working Distance (mm)


* We also offer Apochromatic Infinity high quality Objectives, please conact us for more details.

** For your command TO-RP-S-532, please specify: The Raman shift range (105, 175, 200 or 250 cm-1)

*** This microscope is sold with no Optical fiber no laser and no spectrometer. Please, specify when ordering if you need to order the other parts.