Mini USB SPectrometer

The Cheapest new USB Spectrometer

No longer spend hundreds of dollars to get a USB spectrometer to enjoy your hobbies! ...

 Faithfull to our commitments, we offer finally the long awaited USB Spectrometer, an affordable and efficient transmission photo-spectrometer.

Educational Spectrometers TO-Mini-USB-TG-640-XXX is equipped with our 1000 lines / mm high standard high quality transmission grating installed is the 1000 lines / mm1. The detection system is a miniature CMOS ship with an integrated miniaturized electronic interface. The CMOS ship is a 640 pixel width detector. The light that passes through the entrance slit and the grating is focused with short focus optics. Please while ordering; specify the slit width (0.09mm, 0.12mm 0.15mm or 0.18mm).

Plug & Play! no driver to install. Once Plugged, run the FREE Software (There are two free software, Please, Read the document shipped with the spectrometer) and start acquiring spectra and analyzing light from different light sources.

The aluminum box may be black, silver or golden.

.Very handy (100mm X 80mm X 40mm and less than 120g, the exact dimension may vary in accordance to the available boxes format), easy and ready to use, this spectrometer is the cheapest in the world ! (Please, if you get an equivalent, new and working spectrometer, let us know to lower our price).

 With this USB Spectrometer you can do several experiments, for example:

1- Analyze the light emitted from light sources 

2- Transmission of filters (example of a Clean Line filter, and one for a Long Pass filter

3- Absorbance / Transmittance of substances (Olive oil example)

4- Calibrate the spectrometer to calculate densities


As you can see from the pictured spectra, the resolution can be as low as 3 nm (you can go lower)

This item in an optical instrument, dedicated mostly for pedagogy and hobbyists (not for research!)

Our team will help you to use it and get the maximum from this scientific beauty


Technical Data

Wavelength Range nm

400  - 650

Ship Type


Ship Dim (pixels)

300 x 170

Ship Dim (“)


 Diffraction Grating( Lines/mm)


Slit Width (µm)

90, 120, 150 or 180


< 3 nm



Operating Systems

Windows, Mac

Dimension (mm)


Weight (gr)