Mini USB SPectrometer

The Cheapest new USB Spectrometer  70$

New Optic Upgrade  

Wavelength range from 400nm to more than 800nm !!!!!

Spectra exemples are listed (Na, Cd and Hg)

No longer spend hundredsof dollars to enjoy your hobbies! to get an US spectrometer ...

Buy it now 99$ (70$ + 29 Shipping World Wide with tracking Number)    

Faithfull to our commitments, we offer finally the long awaited USB Spectrometer, an affordable efficient and performing photo-spectrometer.

The spectrometer has a light detector of at least 300 pixels, and is usable in the visible range of the spectrum.

Plug & Play! no driver to install. Once Plugged, run the FREE Software (There are two free softwares,download the software from the link you will get on the eBay bill) and start acquiring spectra and analyzing light from different light sources.

Very handy (104mm X 81mm X 35mm and less than 196g), easy and ready to use, this spectrometer is the cheapest in the world !

You can choose the grating (1000 lines / mm or 500 lines /mm, but we recommend strongly the 1000 Lines / mm) and the slit (0.09mm, 0.12mm 0.15mm or 0.18 / 0.20mm).


With this USB Spectrometer you can do several experiments, for example:

1- Analyze the light emitted from light sources (see the attached image)

2- Transmission of filters (there is an example of a Clean Line filter and one for a Long Pass filter)

3- Absorbance / Transmittance of substances (oil, colored liquids ...)

4- Calibrate the spectrometer to calculate densities 

... Spectra of Cd, NA and Hg spetral lamps

This item in an analytical instrument, dedicated mostly for pedagogy and hobbyists (not for research!)

Our team will help you to use it and get the maximum from this scientific beauty

You can order it via eBay Mini USB Spectrometer
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Technical Data

Wavelength Range nm

400  - 850

Ship Type


Chip Dim (pixels)

640x 380

Chip Dim (“)


Diffraction Grating( Lines/mm)


Slit Width (µm)

90, 120, 150 or 180


< 3 nm



Operating Systems

Windows, Mac(1)

Dimension (mm)


Weight (gr)


(1) : Please aske first