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An innovative ultra-high throughput Integrated Raman Probe has been introduces in the market by one our associated companies in the US. This novel device includes an integrated wavelength stabilized laser source with Raman filter packs, beam shaping optics and high efficiency Raman spectra collection optics. The probe interfaces with any fiber coupled spectrometer.
 The Integrated Raman Probe incorporates a wavelength stabilized hybrid external cavity laser with a proprietary optical design to offer unmatched performance (typically 3 - 5x higher collection efficiency over traditional Raman probes). This Integrated Raman probe also comes complete with an OEM laser driver & TEC controller. 

Price : 7000 €

From High performance to lowcost lowgrad RP, you can buikd your own probe addapted to your needs and budget.

Pleace, contact our services to help you build your own RP at the lowest price on the market.

Starting Price : 1000 € for Customized Raman Probe

General purpose low-cost Raman Probe.

General purpose low-cost Raman Probe. Permanently-aligned combination of two single fibers (200 µm excitation fiber, 400 µm collection fiber)with filtering and steering micro-optics, N.A. 0.22, in rugged polyurethane jacket.1.5 m long, 3/8” Stainless Steel focusing probe.Multiple focal lengths are available : 5 mm, 7.5 mm (standard) or 10 m. Manual shutter is included.Spotsize at sample 90-140 micron.

Price : 1.900 €
Yes incredibly low price ... the lowest ever seen for a new MultiUsage Raman Probe